Scale-up FAST, get to new markets and become compliant, WITHOUT HUGE upfront investments.

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  • Scale-up Customers And Access To New Markets
  • Create Your Own Branded RPM Platform
  • Get an instant and affordable ISO-Certified QMS


With more than 6 years of experience in large-scale remote monitoring of patients, OTH has expertise in facilitating scale-up that is unparalleled.

Open APIs and the ability to integrate any medical device make OTH the only forum for MedTech companies to develop and deploy end-to-end white label.

The entire platform is fully ISO13485 compliant – allowing MedTech companies a fast track to market penetration. The development needed to go commercial is minimal.

OTH has procedures and standards for implementation and roll-out, that drive a focused process for enabling and educating any organization to immediately begin the transformation to Remote Population Monitoring and health management.

OTH’s innovative approach of hyper-care collaboration focuses on insourcing and motivating our members to become self-sufficient, knowledgeable and autonomous remote population health management suppliers.



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OTH deploys in any cloud infrastructure – anywhere in the world.

AWS, Azure, Google, Proprietary, On-premise … Any and all configurations are supported to allow organizations to host their precious data exactly where they want, as long as virtual technology is applied.

OTH assists our clients with high security by getting data authenticated and stored in the specified repositories where the customer’s order.

Our customers wholly own and manage the data. Any data is ever transferred from the specified cloud deployment–and OTH is unable to access data on clients. It is entirely private.

OTH HEP supports even the most stringent and restrictive policy about patient data – no data is allowed to be copied or moved outside of the system unless expressly requested by the client.



OTH HEP is developed under full ISO13485-2016 compliance.

Our value partners can obtain the source code for our software and can effectively create an ISO13485-compliant app with support for the requisite medtechdevice(s) within a few months–taking years off the business effort, not to mention saving huge costs in the process.

Every business will reach a point where the app can be labeled CE within 6 months by using the HEP framework for white label growth.

By utilizing OTH’s ISO-certified development environment, the implementing organization can even refrain from fully implementing ISO13485 and focus on creating technology that adds value to people’s lives.


Any Medtech device requires the help of a well-working backend to allow parameters to be set for monitoring.

With the right tech skills to incorporate the app into the OTH network, no other software and investment is required to use the full OTH Remote health management program for the population.

This will enable you to leverage the best-of-breed backend for your medical device, go to market with minimal investment in software development, and fast-track the process and show market traction in record time.