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The OTH platform is a telemedicine solution for doctors, healthcare professionals, health clinics, hospitals and businesses providing remote care for citizens and patients.

The web portal is the healthcare professional’s digital doorway to interact with patients in their homes.

Doctors may collect health data from patients, and immediately begin monitoring their patterns. A doctor can access specialized health data through the web portal, where a constant flow of patient data is used to monitor, assess, and interfere.

Our unique platform enables doctors to gather the patient’s health data through a highly customizable clinical workflow or protocol, that is easily generated in a web portal by the clinical team.

The feedback of patients through a user-friendly patient APP and the procedure simulates actual physician-patient consultation, just huge time savings and without mistakes by the clinical staff.



A solution that will bring you to the forefront of healthcare technology with your industry.

– Save clinical resources, focus your efforts
– Increase efficiency and eliminate bottlenecks
– Eliminate repetitive manual work
– Increase profitability, and scale efficiently

With this turnkey telehealth solution, you can get started tracking your patients’ health data from day one – no development is needed!

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Patients’ use a simple APP to input their health status parameters from their own homes. 

The software is open source, simple to customize, and allows feedback from a wide range of medical measuring devices including optional patient manual input.

Doctors and nurses are allowed to track the data received and are notified when there are non-compliances. As per the established policy, the responsible clinicians will then interfere if deemed necessary.

The OTH platform enables your organization to effectively support patients remotely for simple, as well as more complex, multiple long-term conditions. 

Solution benefits: 

  • Effective and scalable remote patient monitoring 

  • Full customer setup support like accommodation with different requirements.

  • Highly customizable to tailor to any clinical protocol requirement.

  • Continuous flow of patient context data and health vitals sign.



OTH is a universal cloud-based remote health measurement platform. Citizens can measure health data at home using an app and a wide range of medical measurement devices. Doctors and nurses can access patient data from a web portal. The overview screen lets you see and access all your patients’ health data. Color-coded notifications will alert you and indicate if your action is required.

The OTH software is a TeleHealth platform for doctors, healthcare professionals, health clinics, hospitals and businesses aiming to provide remote care to large populations.
The web portal is the gateway for healthcare professionals to connect in their homes with patients. Doctors may collect health data from patients, and immediately begin monitoring their patterns. Through the web portal, the doctor can access digital health data, where physicians can analyze, assess, and intervene based on patient information.

The innovative program would allow doctors to collect health data about the patient through a clinical procedure or protocol, which is easily generated by a web portal by the clinical team.
As a Population Health Platform provider, we also support direct interaction through the use of real-time video, messages, and texts, so you can provide more accurate and better care for your patients.

The user-friendly app allows patients’ to track their own health, and report important data.
Patient’s see a user-friendly and simple APP, and the interaction simulates a real doctor-patient consultation, just without the transport and waiting as it is done remotely.
The patient is asked questions regarding their condition and symptoms and is requested to carry out health measurements using medical measurement devices. The medical devices are connected through Bluetooth, USB or the Internet.

The OTH software web portal and the patient app is simple to use, providing scalability for both healthcare professionals and patients. OTH will empower you as a telemedicine provider, and add value to your company. Using the OTH HEP platform as a telemedicine service / ehealthcare solution, we will improve your everyday workflow.


Demonstrated ability
to process 50+
patients pr hour.

Don’t take our word for it… 

Hear it directly from clinicians and patients’



The OTH Health Engagement Platform consists of:

  • A web portal
    Designed for easy input by a clinician, allowing healthcare professionals to design interactions, receive measurements and answers, as well as view and analyze patient health data.
  • A patient app
    An open-source, personalized medical software that uses a proprietary clinical workflow to direct the patient through measurements collected, offers diagnostic responses and explains symptoms.
  • A connectivity suite
    The platform supports a large variety of connected measurement devices and has an open FHIR API’s for seamless integration with existing EMR
  • Open APIs’
    Elastic APIs are known to be secure, easy to use and allow you to receive data from apps from third parties central data repository
    Which you can get if you need an interface with IHE-XDS, HL7-CDA, and REST interfaces.
  • Secure connection and data storage
    OTH supports secure data exchanges between relevant entities and can provide operational management necessary to implement and use the solution.